Break the bras that confine you

I suppose it’s fairly common knowledge now that I dislike wearing a brassiere (and if it’s not, now you know).

My hatred of bras really started when I came to college. One day I thought to myself, I wonder what would happen if I just didn’t wear a bra today, so I didn’t. And I soon came to find that I never wanted to wear it again. Since then, a lot of women (and some brave men) have asked me why I almost never wear a bra, and the answer was simple for a very long time: I’m just much more comfortable without it.

That being said, the more that I drifted away from the confines of my boob prison, the more I wondered why I ever wore one in the first place. Sure, I had to face new challenges like running down the street or sitting in a cold room with my arms crossed, but I just felt so much more free and comfortable without it. But the more I went braless, the more I realized the social implications of doing so.

When I was home during Thanksgiving break, I became so used to not wearing a bra that I just forgot about it. But after some teasing and serious talks about “Katie, you need to wear a bra,” I just decided to shut everyone up and strap one on. It was frustrating though, because I didn’t feel like explaining myself, nor did I feel as if my actions needed an explanation. I didn’t like bras, so I wouldn’t wear them… but I guess that wasn’t enough.

Other people have talked to me about how “sexy” it is that I go without a bra. The truth is, it’s not meant to be a sexy gesture, it’s not even meant to be for attention. I do it because I have the power to refuse to wear a bra, and more importantly, I do it because  the thought of an underwire makes me cringe and the concept of an itchy clasp scratching my back is so unappealing that I’d rather just not have to deal with it.

Granted, I don’t wear white shirts without some kind of undershirt, I don’t ever wear sheer shirts without an undergarment, and if I’m going to some kind of formal event, I will swallow my pride and strap on that brassiere. But for the most part, I am much happier being free from the confining realm of bradom, and my boobs are happier for it.

I did a bunch of research and it turns out that despite some contradictory findings, the majority of scientific studies that I read concluded that women that wore a bra had saggier breasts than women who didn’t over time. I mean, it makes sense. Your bra is essentially holding you up, and if you never build the muscles that support them, then they will give way more quickly (here’s an article that summarizes one of the studies in case you don’t believe me).

So, bra or no bra? You decide for yourself, but I personally am under the impression that if I don’t need it, I won’t wear it.

I guess I kind of feel the same way about shoes, and underwear, and makeup… but that’s a whole different discussion.

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