Missourian: Day 1

Yesterday for the first time in my life, I was a real-life reporter. I was also a real-life photographer.

Crazy? Yes.

Most people are really nervous on their first day of the semester. You know, the looming questions about classes, workload, balancing a job and schoolwork, joining organizations, etc. etc. etc.

Lucky for me, none of those questions mattered. My first day of class was not only my first day of class, it was also my first day as a reporter for the Missourian. AND it was my first GA (or general assignment) shift. On general assignment shifts we cover breaking news, answer the newsroom phones, write obituaries, read the police blotter, basically just serve as the immediate response team for the day.

That’s a pretty daunting task for someone who had spent a mere 5 hours of orientation in the newsroom, but I did it (I mean, I kind of had to do it).

Lucky for me, I got an assignment to cover. I went out to the opening of the new MU Health South Providence Medical Park and took a tour, watched the ribbon cutting ceremony, etc.

But oddly enough, I wasn’t that worried about getting the story itself, I was worried about taking photos. (That’s when everyone says, “I didn’t know that she was a photographer”). Because I’m not a photographer.

Turns out the newsroom is a bit understaffed this semester and the staff photographer was out on assignment. So I volunteered to take some pictures.

So not only was I supposed to get the words, I also had to take the photos. Yikes.

But I did it! *cheers and applause*

Here’s my first piece of “real” journalism:


And as a bonus, I got a photo published on the Missourian’s Instagram page:


Not a bad first day.

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