Patience (and doggedness) is a virtue

A month ago, I started looking for Tamar Brott.

She’s actually a screenwriter/radio producer/creative writer/journalist, and she wrote the story, the “12,900-Pound Virgin” for LA Magazine last year.

I tirelessly checked her online profiles, looked her up on Zaba Search (although I was hesitant to bombard anyone at home unless it was absolutely necessary), I called the LA Magazine office with no luck, and just when I was about to give up, I came upon a profile for a private investigator out of Oakland, California with the same name.

Then I came to this strange realization that in a lot of ways, as reporters we are also investigators. Often times I have to find creative ways to find a source. When that happens, I rely on my borderline obsessive personality and creative thinking skills to help me find what I need. The problem is that sometimes it takes a while to get there and I have to hit a lot of dead ends before I find what I need.

Needless to say, it took a month before I was able to get a hold of Tamar Brott, but when I did, it was well worth the wait (I’ll save any more explanation for my salon presentation on Friday).

With this intermediate writing project, I worry I won’t have the time to find my perfect source. I am an incredibly persistent person, but sometimes I lack the time to get it done — after all, I am currently working two jobs and taking 18 hours of classes, so finding time for reporting in between is difficult. I am very much looking forward to the day when I can be a reporter full time. Until then, I’ll just have to rely on coffee and restful weekends to get me through.

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