They will know you by your love

A lot of my friends have conflicting views about religion. I am friends with Christians, with Atheists, with Buddhists and Hindus and Muslims and Jews. A lot of them use their religions and spiritual convictions to contextualize their belief systems, which is fine by me. As a journalist and writer, I am a passionate believer in context. I don’t think any belief or thought should be viewed in and of itself — in fact, often the context will help you practice empathy and understanding more than you could ever imagine. That’s why I don’t advertise my thoughts about religion much. I like to keep to myself because I think it’s important to connect with everyone, regardless of where they stand. That’s why this post is meant as a stepping off point and food for thought.

In college, I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by people from all walks of life and in every stop of life’s journey. A lot of times people have been kind enough to let me be a small part in whichever path they choose to pursue.

I came across this video today and it brought me to tears — and this is the part where I want everyone reading this post to listen — because it reminded me that my love does not go unappreciated. You know, the man in the video talks about the love of Jesus Christ, but really, he could just as easily be talking about the love of family, of friends, of Buddha or Muhammad or Moses or even some politician or philanthropist.

What matters is not who said this, what matters is how you choose to live your life and who you choose to accept.

Every religion and belief system calls upon humans to love one another because without love, what do we have? I can think of many instances where people have taken their religion and used it in a negative light, which is what turns people off about going to the mosque, synagogue, church or temple.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and they told me, “Before I moved out of rural (I won’t say the state), I was a racist — I really was, but it’s just because I didn’t know any better. Since I’ve met so many people, I’ve learned more about the world, and even myself, than I could have ever imagined.”

Step out of your bubble. Learn compassion. Love unabashedly and purely.

Please watch this video. If you need to attribute the teachings of Jesus to some other prophet (or some other being), by all means, go ahead. I think the message is that important. If you are a Christian, take it for what it is and learn and memorize it. Start practicing what you preach — practice love.

Click on the quote for the link to the video.

“Jesus said, ‘They will know you by your love.’ He didn’t say they will know you by your judgmental looks, by your judgmental attitudes, by this thought process that you are enlightened and they are not. They will not know you by your hatred, they will not know you by your condescending looks towards them, or the Bible beating over their heads — he didn’t say any of that stuff — he said, ‘They will know you by your love.'” 

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